March 12, 2012

Where to Host Your Site? Who Has The Best Web Hosting Services?

Where to Host Your Site? Whenever you think of creating a website or starting a blog for yourself, the first thing that comes to your mind is where to host site? Which one has the best hosting services and which provides quality material and best rates to you. Today, we are going to review few sites that are the best in this business and are serving their customers for the past few years to the best.

Where to host site

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First in this list is the Bluehost website. This website has over 20,000 new customers every single month and this figure is increasing day by day. Starting at $3.95 per month, this web hosting company provides unlimited domain hosting, unlimited space, unlimited and unmatched file transfer, email accounts and many other features. They support all the latest technologies including Ruby, SSL, and HTML5. Apart from these services, the website also has an affiliate program that provides you with an opportunity to make money online through it. You just have to create a Bluehost affiliate account and start making money through it.

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The second in the list is the Hostmonster web services. When you ever want to host a site and you need super space and bandwidth, this is the right place for you. Their hosting plans also starts at $3.95/month and their special features include unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain name, cPanel, free site builders and a $75 Google Adwords Credit for free. Trusted by over 1.7 million websites, they also provide you trial packages so that before buying any hosting place to host your site, you can test their services so that you can achieve maximum level of satisfaction before actually going to buy a hosting.

HostGator VPS Review - Managed Virtual Private Server
The next in this category is Justhost. Unlike the top 2 web hosting services, this one provides you with an instant setup feature, means that after buying the hosting to host your site, you can setup your account and start using the services. There is no need to wait for your account to be activated first so that you can start using the services. Currently their special promo price is $3.75/month instead of the usual $6.95 per month. They also provide the money back guarantee any time you want to. As compared to hostmonster, they provide $50 Google Adwords Credit and $25 Yahoo Ad Credit. So this is ideal for customers who want to use both yahoo and Google ads on their site whenever they plant to host it.

Web Solutions in India|Net4India|Best web service solutions You are looking for

Finally in this category of web services is the Web Hosting Hub. They also provide services like the rest of the companies but their money back guarantee is only for the first 90 days period. They have included free trials for mozy, ratepoint, contact and RingCentral. They are giving 43% off on their hosting plans that makes it $3.95/month.

To summarize all of the above, the Bluehost is the best among these because of their customer feedback that is way better than any other site that provide plans for you to host site. Although, it is all up to someone’s personal interest about which one he chooses for himself. Most of these hosting companies are US Based so people might think about it before going for any hosting plan. There is not much of a difference in quality of services they provide but if you go down the list for about 20 to 30 steps, then you will find a reasonable difference between the hosting services of these sites and the ones listed after number 20.

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February 23, 2012

Manashosting Review:Ultimate web hosting solutions & all-inclusive Web hosting in India

If you pay a visit to (Top Web hosting in India) , you will be amazed for sure. Probably all of the web hosting solutions you need are listed there making it like a one stop solution for ensuring all your web development needs are taken care of only through the best servers on the internet. Manas is a Hindi word meaning the mind, and it seems that the web hosting company has definitely kept the customers in mind when designing their exclusive web hosting solutions. A quick look into the tailored web hosting services of this ISO 9001 certified company will reveal why it qualifies to be a best web server company.
Manashosting-Web Hosting In India
Web Hosting Solutions In India

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Coming first to their high quality hosting packages. Manashosting has 2 categories of web hosting plans: unlimited and limited. Both plans are hosted on windows servers and linux servers. The best part is if you avail any unlimited package whether it’s hosted on windows servers or linux servers, you get a straight flat 80% discount on the package fee! The web server company from South India also offers great value for money on its limited web hosting plans. For windows server, you can avail a whooping 10 GB disk space at just Rs. 61 a month! And for the linux server, the cost will go down to just Rs. 41 per month! All web hosting plans come with standard web development features like free email hosting, a strong ftp server, free domain parking & forwarding, website builder, blogging features, forums, all standard web scripts and much more! Manashosting(same as Net4India - another best web hosting in India ) also provides corporate web hosting plans for all sorts of businesses at affordable rates. The company boasts about its strong web servers. It says the thing that makes all their web hosting packages unique is the high quality web servers used. Manashosting can help you host your website on either virtual servers, dedicated servers or cloud servers.

Web hosting India
Manashosting Review
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Manashosting also provides a Java web hosting plan that comes with 1GB of disk space, 1 hosted domain and up to 50 email addresses. In addition, the company also has a exclusive $1 web hosting plan that comes with 50 MB disk space, 5 email addresses and a website builder. With Manashosting, you can also choose to transfer your already existing disk space elsewhere on the web to Manashosting web servers; it also supports domain transfers as well!

HostGator VPS Review - Managed Virtual Private Server

For domain hosting, Manashosting offers a wide range of domains in various denominations with .com domains starting for just Rs. 472 a year! It provides 3 distinct domain hosting packages tailored to individual and corporate clients. The company also plans of introducing .info domains just for Rs. 50 only! In addition, Manashosting provides website ownership certificate free of cost to all its customers and also award them with a range of free products that include free 5000 web templates, free 1000 source codes, free 1000 SEO tools and free 100 web and pc software! Sounds tempting, right? That’s not all! Apart from all the standard web hosting services Manashosting provides to its clientele, it also runs an exciting reseller program for those who wish to run their own web hosting business. Manashoting resellers can host domains at just Rs. 20 per year along with unlimited disk space and bandwidth! Also any domain hosting registration for a reseller will cost just Rs. 50 only!

That’s a lot of services from one single web hosting company! Now it is clearly evident as to why is unique in nature and what makes it different from other web hosting companies in the market. So what are you waiting for? Choose Manashosting for all your web hosting solutions and always be assured of high quality service!

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February 22, 2012

Benefits of a Dedicated cPanel Server & Web Hosting

There are a lot of reasons why we should always look for a hosting plan or a server that has a dedicated cPanel included in their plans. Many of the dedicated servers and web hosting are too much complex for a normal user and therefore, are difficult to understand. They are the most problematic thing to those people who are not in the field of technology are not being introduced to such terms. The jargon of these servers is a difficult thing to understand for every general user and that is why there is a need of a specially designed control panel or as we say it cPanel which can help such people to manipulate or use the server and web hosting efficiently.

dedicated control panel
dedicated cpanel

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When you buy a web hosting or a dedicated server that as a dedicated cPanel included you get all the necessary functionality at your fingertips including
  • Management
  • Virtual Email accounts access
  • File management
  • Databases
  • FTP servers
  • User Accounts and much more

When we talk about the management, there are special tools designed for the management of the server. You can use the cPanel to quickly navigate through the server things and keep an eye on everything. Virtual email accounts access lets you analyze the amount of usage of these email accounts and hence provide you with the control of looking all of them at the same time without going to each account separately.

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The database is a very important thing and it is very difficult for non-technical people to learn the basic queries like how to INSERT, DELETE, And CREATE. The dedicated cPanel provides a built in function for such queries so that the novice users don’t need to hard coat them.
FTP servers are a mess when it comes to uploading a large number of files and maintaining the hierarchy between them. The functions that are provided by the cPanel make this job a lot easier for anyone who has it included in the hosting plan.
You can also use dedicated cPanel to perform some tasks automatically that included backups, migrating accounts from one to another server in case of a downtime. You can also schedule a timed backup using it.
The compatibility is not an issue with the cPanel. It works with most of the Linux servers as well as all the Windows servers. The CENT OS is the most widely used Linux OS in the dedicated servers. The functionality of dedicated cPanel is greatly improved when using it with CENT OS.

HostGator VPS Review - Managed Virtual Private Server

There is practically no limit to the amount of benefit a person can get from the dedicated cPanel. The more you spend on it, the better services you get from it and in a much simpler way. The sole purpose of cPanel is to make things easier for the user providing him a nice visual look, known as the UI while hiding the coding part from the users. There is practically no limit to what extent a dedicated cPanel can be used. Always look for a hosting or a dedicated server that has cPanel included in the plan.

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